Number 1 worldwide animal identification.


For several decades, Allflex has been developing practical ear tags that meet regulatory requirements. Allflex's constant desire for technical innovation and customer satisfaction make it the ideal partner for farming in Europe and around the world. The technical developments established by Allflex have become a "must-have" in the farming sector and make the Allflex label what it is today.

Allflex only has one business: manufacturing ear tags. Each year, our presses produce over 350 million items, over 80% of which are marked for official identification systems. Allflex has several marking sites in Europe, the largest of which are at Vitré and Albi. ISO certification testifies to Allflex's desire to guarantee you traced products of unquestionable quality.

Allflex is committed to guaranteeing animal product traceability for consumers. The introduction of new technologies will enable us to move onto an extra level in traceability. Used as a management tool in high-tech farms, electronics will become an official identification resource. Allflex is ready to rise to these new challenges.