Number 1 worldwide animal identification.

The ALLFLEX transponder

Made in France, the ALLFLEX transponder comprises of an electronic chip, programmed with a unique identification number, a copper coil, and a condenser, all encapsulated in a small, biocompatible, glass tube.

The ALLFLEX transponder is a completely passive (inert) device.

It is the size of a grain of rice and is injected under the animal's skin using a syringe, generally on the left hand side near the jugular vein in dogs and cats.

This operation can only be performed by a veterinarian.

The ALLFLEX injector

The ALLFLEX transponder is packaged in an extremely sharp needle to enable painless injection. Each needle is then packaged individually in a blister pack and then sterilised.

Each box of 10 ALLFLEX needles contains a reusable injector, minimising the volume of waste produced.
The ALLFLEX injector offers unique handling that is well-liked amongst users. The transponder injection is performed using the thumb, in the continuity of the injector in a completely natural movement.

The ALLFLEX reader

Our range features two electronic chip readers.


Key advantages:

  • FDX-B, HDX and FDX-A compatibility
  • Optimum reading distances:
    • FDX-B: up to 10 cm
    • FDX-A: up to 5 cm
    • HDX: up to 20 cm
  • High degree of autonomy (9V battery)
  • Registers up to 800 identification numbers
  • Serial cable to transfer identification numbers to PC
  • Identification number computer transfer application provided
  • Digital screen
  • Easy and practical to use thanks to its pocket size

(dimensions: 150mm X 80mm X 35mm)

> Download the datasheet of Global Scan drive GS 110
> Download the identification numbers of transfer software


Key advantages:

  • INNOVATION: Quick and effective transponder detection thanks to a unique dual omni-directional antenna
  • FDX-B, HDX, FDX-A, TROVAN and AVID compatibility*
  • Rechargeable battery, offering up to 15 hours' use
  • Registers up to 2000 identification numbers
  • Bluetooth interface for easier data transfer
  • Identification number computer transfer application provided
  • User-friendly
  • Car kit available

*The transponder is detected

> Download the datasheet Scanflex player AFX -100 in the downloads tab
> Download the transfer software identification numbers in the downloads tab